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Mechanism of heat reflection

Efficiently reflects rays of light in the near-infrared region, where
radiant heat energy is strong.

Heat reflective coating is also called high solar reflective coating and it provides excellent heat reflective effects by efficiently reflecting rays of light in the near infrared region called heat rays. By applying coating on the roof and exterior walls of the building, the rise in indoor temperature is suppressed.

Adding dirt resistance to heat reflective property

Excellent dirt resistance prevents the deterioration of heat reflective

If the surface of the coating film of the heat reflective coating (high solar reflective coating) becomes dirty, the reflectivity will become low and the heat reflective effect will decrease. Our unique dirt resistant technology suppresses lowering reflectivity of the coating film caused by adhesion of dirt, and can maintain the heat reflective performance for a long period of time.

Relationship between colour (brightness) and reflectivity


When compared with the same colour, COOL TIGHT series has better heat reflective performance (higher solar reflectance) than conventional roof coating. However, the difference in reflectivity is larger for colours with lower brightness, and is smaller for higher brightness, so be aware of that when selecting colours.