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Totally cool down the roof, exterior wall and rooftop with heat reflective coating

We have products using the same heat reflective technology not only for roofs but also for exterior wall and rooftop waterproof.

By using highly heat reflective pigment, it efficiently
reflects light in the near infrared region.

COOL TIGHT series provides excellent heat reflective performance in a wide range of colours. Also, the dirt resistant property keeps the heat reflective performance for a long period of time. Furthermore, using highly durable resin has further improved durability. Weak solvent-based type and water-based type are available.

Protecting metal roofs for a long period of time with its heat reflective and anti-corrosive properties.

By applying mid-coat layer with sound insulation and waterproof properties, it can follow the deflection of steel materials without
cracking and highly improve corrosion resistance.

For easily soiled rooftop, dirt resistance is an essential property of heat reflective coating.

We offer a new rooftop waterproof and heat reflective system that has never existed before by combining urethane rubber coating waterproof material developed by application of special polyurethane resin and super dirt resistant heat reflective coating.