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People pay attention to dry-type architectural method nowadays. SKK has been working on the development of dry-type materials from an early stage. We have been promoting the development of new materials to meet the needs of the society. We have developed prefabricated sheet materials that come with natural stone-like and wood-like finish.

Product line-up





Light and nicely applied to curved surfaces

It will shorten application time and reduce the impact on the structure of buildings

Can be easily cut with a utility knife

Applicable to complicated surface, providing work-efficiency and saving labour cost.

Super dirt and weather resistance 

An acrylic resin, used as a bonding material, provides excellent weather resistance. Also, dirt resistance is enhanced by applying the clear topcoat.

Fire safety

The fireproof certificate (semi incombustible QM-0678, Japanese certificate) gives a sense of security. It can be applied to both interior and exterior walls.

Replacing ceramic tiles 

Prefabricated sheet material is suitable for the maintenance of ceramic tile substrates. It can prevent tile peeling and provide luxurious accents.