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WOODY SMILE is a new natural-wood-like sheet material. It provides beautiful appearance as well as great functions such as weather resistance, durability, and workability. This material draws attention worldwide as a next generation material essential for green buildings. It can be used not only for interior but also for exterior.


Flat grain type

Straight grain type

Standard colours

Packing style

Suitable substrates

Concrete, cement rendering, ALC panels, PC boards, slate boards, siding boards, extruded cement panels, ceramic tiles, old paint surfaces, etc.

* Special primer may be required depending on the type of a substrate.

Suitable substrates


。Sloping wall

。Skirting of interior and exterior walls

。Areas with constant high humidity

。Exterior walls of plywood substrates (To interior walls, apply SK STAIN SEALER W)

* In addition to the above areas and substrates, WOODY SMILE may not be able to be applied depending on the conditions and environment. Consult your nearest SKK sales office for details.