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2023.01.20 Architecture

Hints for creating concepts

When creating a concept, which is the starting point of a design, if you select two high-priority directions from among several directions to consider and drop them into a correlation chart, it will be easier to arrive at a concept than randomly comparing plans.

For example, consider a correlation chart with negative aesthetic "Minimal" and majestic splendor "Grace" on the vertical axis and "Warm" making you feel the warmth and ""Cool" showing intelligence on the horizontal axis.

The concept image of the building that is currently under consideration may be easy to come up with, such as a concept expressing coolness from simplicity, a concept making you feel both warmth and luxury by using natural materials, etc.


Soil wall-like ceramic based decorative coating

It is a new type of decorative coatings, combinig the texture of natural soil, sand, stone, mica and sea shells. It provides totally new designs with touch of natural beauty.

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Multi-design and decorative coating

BELL ART is multi designing decorative finish. With excellent pattern created by special rollers, spray guns, trowels and brushes, BELL ART can help you create unique and imaginative design of your own.

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Natural wood-like luxurious prefabricated sheet

WOODY SMILE is a new natural wood-like sheet building material retaining the beautiful look of natural wood with outstanding weather resistance, durability, and excellent workability. It is a next-generation building material indispensable for sustainable construction. It's getting a lot of attention now.

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