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Rich Colours and Designs Are the Key! -Sustainable Design-

In recent times, there has been a growing awareness of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and words like environmental consideration and sustainability are commonly used. In this trend, various fields are increasingly seeking solutions that are not only “economical”, but also “creative” and “unique”.

This is because people still maintain unchanged values and preferences for “things”.This shows that there is a sense of added value, wanting to get something more than the monetary value, and that impulse purchases are less likely to occur just because the price is low.

In contemporary society, changes are being seen in both interior and exterior finishes of buildings, and numerous products have been developed to meet various needs. At our company, the variety of our main products alone has increased to over 200 types. However, on the other hand, the problems of inventory space and the complexity of product management have become apparent. There is a growing demand from the market for space-saving, labour-saving, and resource-saving.

Against this background, our products, “BELLART” and “SAND ELEGANTE”, which can provide various finishes with a single product, are currently attracting attention.
These products are sustainable decorative finishing coatings both for interior and exterior developed by studying the fundamental aspects of architectural finishes such as colour, texture, and functionality from various perspectives. Rooted in the innate human senses, they artfully arrange the beauty of “earthy materials”, seamlessly integrating with a modern aesthetic. They are high value-added paints that follow the trends of the times mentioned above.

Product Descriptions of Bellart and Sand Elegante

Finishing pattern 53 patterns 25 patterns
Colouring type Colouring with pigment Colouring with aggregate
Number of colours Many Limited
Colour durability (colour fading) Average High

In this column, we will introduce “BELLART”, a pigment-coloured sustainable product that can provide various patterns with a single product. For “SAND ELEGANTE”, we will introduce it in the next column, “Texture and Natural Materials Are the Key! -Sustainable Design-”.

BELLART / Multi-design and Decorative Finish Coating

BELLART offers a wide range of colours (approximately 100 colours) with a textured finish resembling plaster, expanding the range of designs. A wide variety of finishing patterns can be created using various application tools such as rollers, spray guns, trowels, brushes, etc.

This sustainable product, while being a single product, can provide a significantly broad range of design possibilities. Its space-saving and resource-saving characteristics bring new sensibilities to buildings.

Two New Finishes / Rammed Earth Finish & FR Finish

We introduce two attention-grabbing new finishes from our diverse range of finishes.

Rammed Earth Finish

The traditional technique “Rammed Earth Finish” is arranged with BELLART. The stacked finish like a stratum creates a solid wall surface.

FR Finish FR / Aging finish

The vintage finish makes the space romantic.


In addition to a variety of aesthetic designs, BELLART is easy to use and provides a paint film with excellent protection by adding various functions.

Crack Resistance
With elastic paint film, it covers hairline cracks and prevents rainwater from penetrating into substrate.

Mould and Algae Resistance
With its special specification, it provides strong resistance to microorganism such as mould and algae, and maintains healthy environment over a long period of time.

Strong Adhesive Strength
It provides strong adhesive strength to the substrate both for new construction and renovation.

Suitable Substrates

Concrete, cement mortar, PC members (excluding lightweight PC), ALC panels, GRC panels, metal panels, old paint films (old film shall be sound.), extruded cement boards, etc.


Interior and exterior walls of houses, condominiums, hotels, and shops, etc.

Summary:Rich Colours and Designs Are the Key! –Sustainable Design-

In contemporary society, there has been a growing demand for products that are not only “economical”, but also “creative” and “unique”. At the same time, there has been a desire for a paint that can provide a variety of finishes with a single material. In response to these trends, we have developed and launched “BELLART”, a sustainable paint that arranges the beauty of “earthy materials” in a modern style. BELLART offers a wide range of colours and finishes, and is useful for saving space and resources. Various colours and finishes contribute to expanding design possibilities.

TERMINAL 21 Harbour Rama3 Shopping Mall (Thailand)

The Iconic Store, Jim Thompson Heritage Quarter (Thailand)

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Multi-design and decorative coating

BELLART is multi designing decorative finish. With excellent pattern created by special rollers, spray guns, trowels and brushes, BELLART can help you create unique and imaginative design of your own.

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