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People have always lived in harmony with nature and have been helped by it.
As time goes by, modernization destroys nature. The opportunities to see and feel nature are decreasing.
That's why people seek the warmth of nature in their homes, where they spend most of their lives.
However, in order to build houses using natural materials, forests must be cut down, mountains must be cut through, and soil must be dug up.

Then we thought.
Is it possible to develop a product with a texture that is as close to nature as possible without damaging the natural environment?
Moreover, rather than just reproducing the texture, we want to add functionality that can withstand harsh external environments.

SKK products are based on this concept.

Sheet building material for exterior wall that is resistant to corrosion and colour fading, and is lightweight, yet keeps the texture of wood over a long period of time.


Natural wood-like luxurious prefabricated sheet

Faithfully reproducing the expression of stone. Highly accurate texture that makes you want to touch it unconsciously.


Natural stone-like prefabricated sheet

Soil wall-like finish evoking traditional Japanese healing.


Soil wall-like ceramic based decorative coating

Mortar-like finish coating material that emphasizes the hand-painted texture.


Special mortar texture finish coating

A natural modern impression is expressed by combining different materials such as stone, metal, and glass.


Special roller coating system

Finish coating material that can give various expressions by paint application method and colouring.


Multi-design and decorative coating

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