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Sustainable Floor Coatings for Every Need

When it comes to painting, roofs and exterior walls often come to mind, but paint is also used on floors. Floor coatings are required to have various functions and are used under diverse conditions, so there are different types and application systems for each.

In recent years, with the spread of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations, there is an increasing demand in society for environmentally conscious efforts in the field of paints and coatings as well.

We offer a variety of floor coatings to meet every need and to respond to the sustainable architecture demanded by the times.

Choosing the Right Floor Coating

Floor coatings are often used in harsh conditions, and selecting the wrong product can lead to early defects or problems. Additionally, attention is required depending on the substrate and application condition.

By conducting a detailed survey of the conditions of use in advance and selecting a flooring coating that meets the conditions of each facility, such as heavy vehicle traffic and contact with chemicals, it is possible to ensure long-term use. Efficient use of resources also contributes to a sustainable future.

Features of Floor Coatings

Features Outline
Load-bearing capacity Withstands heavy vehicles such as forklifts.
Impact resistance Resistant to scratches caused by falling tools and parts such as spanners and wrenches.
Chemical resistance Durable against various chemicals, detergents, oils, foods, etc.
Heat resistance Withstands hot water at high temperatures.
Slip resistance The non-slip type allows for a more slip-resistant finish.
Elasticity It has moderate elasticity, providing a soft walking feel and soundproofing properties.
Microbial resistance Preventing microbial contamination such as mould and bacteria.
Antistatic property Quickly eliminates static electricity on the floor and the human body, making it difficult for static electricity to build up.

Performance Required for Floor Coatings by Facility

The performance required for floors is becoming more and more diverse. For example, factories and warehouses require highly durable products with excellent impact resistance and abrasion resistance, while schools and hospitals require environmentally friendly products. We offer a wide range of sustainable floor coatings with excellent performance. Please select the suitable product according to your needs.

General Factories / Warehouses

◆ Elastic
◆ Slip resistance
◆ Excellent dust-proofing properties

Heavy Machinery Factories / Logistics Warehouses

◆ Able to withstand heavy vehicles traffic
◆ Slip resistance
◆ Long-lasting
◆ Resistant to cracking

Food Processing Factories / Kitchens

◆ Resistant to bacteria
◆ Slip resistance
◆ Resistant to disinfectants
◆ Resistance to oils
◆ Able to withstand hot water

Chemical Factories / Pharmaceutical Factories

◆ Resistant to chemicals
◆ Excellent dust-proofing properties

Precision Factories

◆ Not easily charged with static electricity
◆ Excellent dust-proofing properties

Maintenance Factories / Machine Assembly Factories

◆ Able to withstand impacts
◆ Resistance to oils
◆ Excellent dust-proofing properties

Product Line Up by Use

*( ) applicable for indoor only.
*Please contact the nearest sales office for more details.

The Relationship Between Floor Coatings, Sustainability, and the Environment

When considering the relationship between floor coatings, sustainability, and the environment, several points become clear.

  • Material Selection

    For sustainable floor coatings, it is important to use environmentally friendly raw materials. This includes low-VOC products, which not only reduce air pollution but also provide a comfortable indoor environment.

  • Durability and Maintenance

    Sustainable floor coatings should be highly durable and able to maintain good condition over a long period of time. This reduces the frequency of repainting, saving costs and promoting efficient use of resources.

In the next column, " class="woody">Trends in Sustainable Floor Coatings - Water-Based Hard Urethane Coatings -," we will introduce water-based hard urethane floor coatings as recommended products.

Summary:Sustainable Floor Coatings for Every Need

Floor coatings are required to have various functions and are used under diverse conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable product after checking the details of usage condition and required performance. We offer a wide range of sustainable floor coatings to meet all your needs.

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